How do you clean faux fur?


A faux fur item consists of a knitted quality. The composition of the different faux fur items consists of different combinations of knitted acrylic, mod acrylic and polyester yarn. This material requires a different treatment than an item made of leather. With the correct method and caution, different spots can be cleaned from a faux fur item.

Because faux fur is crafted from durable material, you can enjoy your item for a long time! But as with all articles that you use more often, there is always a chance that spots on a clothing item occur. Large stains or stains from an unclear cause can be better cleaned by a good cleaning specialist. This specialist can then give very specific advice for the stain, always ask what the risk of cleaning is and what the possible permanent damage is. If necessary, ask several specialists. So that you are sure that you have obtained the best advice.

Fortunately, you can also remove smaller spots yourself. Do not use the same cleaning product that you use for learning items, the faux fur will react very differently. We would like to give you some tips to keep your faux fur garment beautiful and clean. Please note: following these tips is entirely at your own risk, we can not be held responsible for the results.

The label of each item contains various symbols that inform you about the treatment options for that item. For our faux fur items it generally applies that they can not be washed by themselves, usually in the label ‘professional cleaning only’. The symbol: ℗ is in some items. The garment can only be cleaned chemically. The letter P is an indication for dry cleaning of the type of solvent that is suitable for the garment.

We give the following tips to everyone who has bought a faux fur item with us:

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