How do you clean shearling?


Shearling is a durable and precious leather quality that is very suitable for cold winter days. Shearling leather exists on the inside of soft wool and on the outside of leather or suede. Shearling leather is mainly used for the famous’ ‘lammy coats’. Few coats are warmer than the lammy coat. Shearling leather is a material that breathes and insulates naturally. Goosecraft sticks to the traditional model and at the same time keeps a close eye on new developments. The lammy coats from Goosecraft are always trendy.

Stains on your shearling item? This is how you clean them:

  • Raindrops/light spots

    After a rainstorm it is best to let the jacket dry on a hanger in a ventilated area. If there are any small prints of the raindrops visible, it is best to rub the coat with the cuff. Afterwards, it is wise to spray the jacketĀ  with impregnating spray.


  • Grease stains

    Grease stains are the toughest kind of stains. This is best remedied with chalk. Chalk absorbs fat. It is recommended to take chalk in the color of the jacket. Then the chalk should be sprinkled on the stain and then brushed off again. This process should be repeated until the stain is gone. We advice to pray the coat after this process with impregnating spray.


  • Different types of spots

    If the jacket has a suede finish, you could remove it with tape. Put a piece of tape on the stain and pull it off. This will remove the dirt as well. Please don’t rub, the stain will be rubbed into the jacket. After that it is wise to spray the coat or the other product with impregnation spray.

How to clean shearling leather

Shearling leather is precious. It is therefore important to maintain a shearling or lammy coat well. Always treat a lammy coat before wearing with an impregnation spray. This can be the same spray with which you treat leather jackets or suede shoes. The impregnation spray from Goosecraft is suitable for shearling leather.

Tips voor het onderhouden van shearling: