How to maintain a suede jacket?

Suede is often used for Goosecraft jackets. This type of leather is soft, supple and feels natural while wearing. Suede is made from the inside of the animal skin. This means that suede leather is more vulnerable. Good care is necessary, espacially with suede jackets.

Is there a stain on it? Don’t worry, with the right method and products you can clean it yourself. Suede will last a long time, luckily! But that also means that you have to remove stains from time to time to keep the item beautiful. If your garment has large stains or is made of vulnerable suede, it’s better to have it cleaned by a good cleaning specialist to prevent further damage.

Fortunately you can also remove smaller stains yourself. Do not use the same cleaning product that you use for other garments, this will damage the suede. We would like to give you some tips on how to clean your leather garment.

Please note: following these tips is entirely at your own risk, we cannot be held liable for the results.



Different stains require different treatments. This is how you clean them!

  • Raindrops/light stains

    Rain is not always foreseeable. Suede is the least resistant to water and rain stains. Yet these stains can also be removed from the jacket or other suede product. First, the area around the stain should be moistened with water at room temperature. A special suede brush can also be used for this. The stain must be moistened well. Then leave it in a well-ventilated environment to dry.

    Then it is wise to spray the coat or the other product with impregnating spray.

  • Grease stains

    Grease stains are the most difficult type of stain for most fabrics. If the stain is still wet, dab it with a cloth to absorb as much grease as possible. Then sprinkle talc powder or another absorbent powder over the stain. The powder absorbs the grease. This process should dry at least one night. The next day, wipe the powder off the stain with a suede brush.

    Then it is wise to spray the coat or the other product with impregnating spray.

  • Other types of stain

    A method to remove other types of stains is by steam. For example, by boiling water in a pan or an electric kettle. The coat can then be kept above the steam. The suede should not get wet, so do this process no longer than 30 seconds. If necessary, the stain can also be treated by gently brushing the stain with a special brush. Then let it dry at room temperature.

    Then it is wise to spray the coat or the other product with impregnating spray.

The maintenance of suede

It is wise to spray your new suede leather jacket or new suede shoes with a leather spray, preferably even before wearing. This protects your new favorite suede leather jacket or garment against stains, water rings and discoloration. For protection you can use the leather spray from Goosecraft. We advise you to follow the maintenance instructions below so that you can enjoy your suede garment, coat or shoe for a long time.