GC Julian lammy
GC Julian lammy

GC Julian lammy men

midnight, black and burgundy
Color: Blue

The Goosecraft leather men's lammy coat August is crafted from shearling and nylon. Shearling has soft wool on one side and leather on the other. This type of leather insulates and breathes naturally and is therefore very suitable for the winter. The leather is combined with water-repellent nylon. The leather lammy has a long model with a shearling hood, two pockets and a straight zipper.

The Julian lammy has a straight, normal fit. The shearling leather will become a little flatter in places where there is tension and get the perfect fit. The lammy jacket has a length of 98 cm and an arm length of 69 cm in size L. For more measurements, view the size table of the Julian lammy. We advise you to order your usual size.

Good to know:
Shearling leather is a precious leather quality. It is therefore important to properly maintain a shearling or lammy coat. Always treat a lammy coat with an impregnation spray before wearing. If the lammy coat has gotten wet in a heavy rain shower, let the lammy coat dry on a wide clothes hanger. Do not hang the lammycoat near a heater, but let the jacket dry gently in a ventilated room. For more tips about shearling leather, click here.

Product details

  • Outer: Shearling and nylon.
  • Lining: Fully lined.
  • Fitting: Normal fit.
  • Size advice: True to size.
  • Fastening: Front zip fastening.
  • Pockets: Two side pockets.
  • Collar: Shearling collar.
  • Details: Leather is a natural product, the colouring process of leather is a laborious process. Each piece of leather will react differently to this process therefore each part can have a different shade of colour. Be aware that the colour of the jacket can thus be different from the photo.
  • Article no.: GC Julian lammy 101932014

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