GC lammy101
GC lammy101
GC lammy101
GC lammy101
GC lammy101
GC lammy101

GC lammy101 men

Color: Black

The black leather lammy coat for men is crafted from shearling leather. This shearling is made from processed sheepskin. The shearling is a soft, natural fleece material that is lightweight and extremely comfortable. The inside is a soft and silky wool. Shearling insulates naturally and breathes. It is the perfect quality for cold winter days. The men's lammy has a straight zipper, two side pockets and a warm collar. The lammy coat is unlined.

The Lammy101 has a tight fit. In size L, the lammy coat has a length of 67 cm and an arm length of 69 cm. For more measurements, view the size chart of the Lammy101.

We recommend that you select a size larger than you normally select.

Good to know: 
Shearling leather is a precious leather quality. It is therefore important to properly maintain a shearling or lammy coat. Always treat a lammy coat with an impregnation spray before wearing. If the lammy coat has gotten wet in a heavy rain shower, let the lammy coat dry on a wide clothes hanger. Do not hang the lammycoat near a heater, but let the jacket dry gently in a ventilated room. For more tips about shearling leather, click here.

Product details

  • Outer: Shearling.
  • Lining: No lining.
  • Fitting: Normal fit.
  • Size advice: True to size.
  • Fastening: Front zip fastening.
  • Pockets: Two side pockets.
  • Collar: Shearling collar.
  • Details: Leather is a natural product, the colouring process of leather is a laborious process. Each piece of leather will react differently to this process therefore each part can have a different shade of colour. Be aware that the colour of the jacket can thus be different from the photo.
  • Article no.: Lammy101 101981001

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