GC Mojave Desert jacket

GC Mojave Desert jacket men

rodeo brown
Color: Brown

This dark brown suede mens jacket is crafted from the eather quality Cow Suede. This type of leather is washed with stones to get a used look. Cow Suede. This suede leather has a velvety appearance. Cow Suede is known as strong and rich quality. The look of the leather therefore adds to the charm of the jacket. The leather mens jacket is unique because of the tight details. The leather jacket has a cotton body lining and a polyester sleeve lining. The leather jacket can feel tight at first. As the jacket is worn more often, the leather will form to your body shape.

The Mojave desert jacket has a normal fit. The leather jacket will stretch out at a minimum. The leather skirt in size L has a length of 65 cm and an arm length of 68 cm. For more measurements, check out the size chart of the Mojave desert jacket.

We would recommend you to select one size larger than you normally select.

Good to know: 
Suede is made from the inside of a leather quality. This means that suede leather is more vulnerable. Good care is necessary for long enjoyment of your suede jacket, clothing or shoes. It is wise to spray your new leather jacket or new suede shoes with a leather spray,, preferably before wearing. Do not place your suede item in a plastic bag, the leather cannot "breathe" due to the plastic. A fabric bag or shoe box are more suitable for storage. For more tips on maintaining suede, click here.

Product details

  • Outer: Suede.
  • Lining: Fully lined.
  • Fitting: Normal fit.
  • Size advice: True to size.
  • Fastening: Front buttons.
  • Pockets: Chest pockets.
  • Collar: Spread collar.
  • Details: Leather is a natural product, the colouring process of leather is a laborious process. Each piece of leather will react differently to this process therefore each part can have a different shade of colour. Be aware that the colour of the jacket can thus be different from the photo.
  • Article no.: GC Mojave Desert jacket 102012009

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