Leather maintenance

Made a spot on your favorite leather garment? No worries, with the right method and products you can clean leather yourself.

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Leather qualities

Are you curious about our different leather qualities?

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Faux fur maintenance

A faux fur item consists of a knitted quality. The composition of the different faux fur items consists of different combinations of ....

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Black leather jacket

Black leather jackets have been a regular item in the closet for both men and women for decades. That is not too strange because you can combine this item with all kinds of other items.

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Suede maintenance

Want to know how you can remove spots on suede yourself? We have plenty of tips and tricks. Take the best care of your suede item.

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Shearling maintenance

Shearling leather is precious. It is therefore important to maintain a shearling or lammy coat. For the long-term and best results, follow our tips and tricks.

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