Made a stain on your favorite leather garment?


No worries, with the right method and products you can clean leather yourself. Leather lasts a long time, luckily! But that also means that you have to remove stains to keep your leather item beautiful. If your leather garment has big stains or your clothing item is made of fragile leather, you can better have it cleaned by a good leather cleaning specialist to avoid damaging the leather.


Fortunately, you can also remove smaller spots yourself. Do not use the same cleaning product that you use for other clothes, this will damage the leather. We are happy to give you some tips here to clean your leather garment. Please note: following these tips is entirely at your own risk, we can not be held responsible for the results.

Stains on your leather item? This is how you clean them:

  • Raindrops / light spots

    Dried raindrops and other light spots can be treated with a fine soft brush, leather sponge or with dry foam of leather soap. You can also make these spots disappear by rubbing the leather garment against each other.

  • Grease stains

    To clean a grease stain in leather, take a clean cloth to absorb as much grease as possible from the leather. Then sprinkle a generous amount of talcum powder (or cornstarch) on the stain and leave it overnight. This will absorb the fat. Brush the powder off the leather the next day and the stain should be gone.

  • Different types of spots

    The best thing is to use a mild, pH-neutral soap (eg baby shampoo, glycerine soap or mild body soap). Never use caustic solvents such as petrol or acetone. Mix 1 part of mild soap with 8 parts of water. In connection with water hardness and lime content, it is best to use distilled water from the bottle instead of tap water. To ensure that you do not damage your leather garment, it is advisable to test the soap mix on a small piece of leather that is out of sight. For example, the inside of the cuff. Let it dry and view the effect. If you see that the leather is not discolored or damaged, you can get started. If it does happen, it is wise to bring your item of clothing to a leather cleaning specialist.

    Use a sponge with some soap-mix to gently wipe the leather (do not scrub). Avoid making the leather soaking wet during cleaning. When cleaning, wipe with the grain of the leather instead of against it.  Then dab the garment with a dry, clean cloth to remove the excess moisture. Allow the leather to air dry and avoid direct sunlight. Once it is dry you can apply a small amount of leather cream to nourish and protect the material. It is also wise to re-inject the garment with protective impregnation spray after your leather has been wet. You can order our leather spray online in the shop.

Tips for use


Leather is a natural product, a living material that breathes and is flexible. The visible grains, pores, scars, insect bites and slight strength and colour differences in the skin characterize the authenticity of your garment. These are not material errors and can not be regarded as complaints.

Nature has left its signature here. It is important that this garment is thoroughly sprayed before wearing with a stain and water-repellent colourless impregnation spray , for better protection against dirt and water, for example with the impregnation spray . We advise you to follow the maintenance instructions below so that you can enjoy this valuable piece of clothing for a long time.

We give the tips below to everyone who has bought a leather item with us: