Manon Meijers Capsule collectie

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About the collection.

A marriage that last three years is called a leather marriage. At the three year anniversary the couple realises how firm and imperishable their relationship is. Leather is a solid material that symbolizes this firmness. Manon Meijers is showing us this firmness with the three year anniversary of her platform: MonStyle.

As a real leather-freak, Manon wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a leather capsule-collection. And with whom can you seal this love better than the Dutch leather specialist par excellence; Goosecraft.

The leather must-haves

Goosecraft already past the leather marriage 7 years ago. However, a collaboration with top stylist Manon happened quite natural. Together they share a passion for fashion and an outstanding expertise in their discipline. These two disciplines, styling and design, have been brought together into a capsule collection. This capsule collection consists of unique pieces. The pieces are unique and a fresh addition to every wardrobe. A surprising re-styling for your wardrobe, exactly the ingredients a wardrobe needs, once in a while, just as a good marriage...