Sustainability at Goosecraft

Social and environmental responsibility is an essential aspect of the fashion and textile supply chain. As a premium Dutch leather brand, sustainable development is at the heart of our business practises as we strive to continually improve our supply chain.

Our long-term mission is to contribute to structural improvements in the fashion value chain. We are continuously strengthening our due diligence and taking steps to ensure more sustainable practises in the future. At Goosecraft, we are working towards reducing our environmental footprint and at the same time positively impacting the social circumstances of workers’ lives.

Our mission is to provide high-quality products to individuals who appreciate beauty. We want our products to be loved and respected by their keepers throughout their lives. Goosecraft’s core product is premium quality leather jackets, using a modern design approach while using traditional manufacturing techniques and 100% real leather, enabling the perfect leather jacket. Goosecraft also offers an extended leather collection of clothes and accessories like boots, bags and gloves.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management at Goosecraft

Goosecraft joined The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile in October 2017. In an effort to create transparency and traceability, Goosecraft works with their suppliers to keep track of industry developments and emerging trends in sustainability, with the vision that this will result in better cooperation and a smooth manufacturing process.

The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile consists of a broad coalition of businesses and other organisations working towards improving international responsible business conduct in the garment and textile sector.

Following the OECD guidelines, Goosecraft will perform due diligence, proactively looking for risks in the supply chain. We aim to improve on the 9 issues set out in the agreement, namely, 6 human rights, 2 environmental rights and 1 animal rights:

  • Protection from discrimination
  • Protection from child labour
  • Protection from forced labour
  • Meaningful dialogue with independent employee representatives
  • Achieving a living wage
  • Safe conditions and a healthier environment for employees
  • Reducing adverse environmental impact by saving on raw materials and creating a circular economy
  • Reducing the amount of water, energy and chemicals used; reducing chemical waste and waste water
  • Prevention of animal suffering

Environmental and Chemical Compliance

All products ( textile and non-textile) that are imported or traded in Europe traded must comply to European Legislation on Environmental and Chemical compliance. Textiles are tested based on the European REACH system (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). REACH encompasses registered chemicals that up to a specific level (limit) are not allowed to be found in a final product that is put on the market. Textile & Leather products such as garments need to be tested at all times by international accredited testing labs to check if they comply with REACH before being traded on the market. Goosecraft is diligent in this procedure.

Our Animal Welfare Policy

Goosecraft firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion. We require animal material suppliers to adopt industry best practice rearing, transportation and slaughter standards, based on the internationally recognised Five Freedoms which recommend animals should be afforded: 1. freedom from hunger and thirst; 2. freedom from discomfort; 3. freedom from pain, injury and disease; 4. freedom to express normal behaviour; 5. freedom from fear and distress.

At Goosecraft, synthetic materials made to look like animal products are clearly labelled as faux on the product description and care label. Furthermore, Goosecraft requires suppliers to provide information on the name of the species of animal used in our products (both common and scientific name) and the country of origin of where the animal was reared.

Contact: Please contact our Sustainability Manager at [email protected] for more information.