We are not just a leather jacket brand. We are captivating the mindset of the hidden rebels out there.


The past will remain the past, let's focus on the future


We take inspiration from the past and we combine it with emerging fashion trends that we get excited about. We design for the people that are close to us, the people that we know best, the ones with a ( hidden ) rebellious personality. Goosecraft is Amsterdam based and founded back in 2006 with a great group of people who were sharing an extreme passion for leather jackets.

That is why the backbone of our brand will always remain leather. But as time passed by we evolved into a full blown apparel manufacturer that is consciously creating its collections because we care about the world we live in. We take pride in serving our retailers and end consumers with mesmerizing collections, unrivaled prices and unmatched quality.


Our mission is to grab the rebel within you.


Goosecraft is consciously creating fashionable apparel collections for the hidden rebels out there. Because of our contemporary designs and usage of extraordinary materials we are able to grasp the attention of the rebel within you, and we will continue to do so season after season.

We are in a position to create a bond with you as you are wearing our products and experiencing the outstandingquality that we provide you. Through the “hidden rebel” communication platform we will be able to to stay connected and create a community of like minded spirits across the globe.


We create & we excite.


Goosecraft‘s long term ambition is to become a global apparel brand that is serving the needs of all hidden rebels across the globe. We are creating exceptional fashionable products, which provides outstanding value for money to our consumers.